EURO/CUBA: From local urban views, to the Mediterranean and beautiful villages of Provence, to Venice and Burano, Cuba, and most recently to Portugal, my work has evolved into an eclectic mix of art and documentary photography. I love to “catch the vibe” in new locations, capturing images spontaneously.

Back in my studio, imagery then becomes an artistic rendering of city/land/streetscapes, architectural details, textures, entropy, patina, and “street” portraits. Each photograph is processed individually, uniquely. All are natural light, documentary-style, captured moments (not “staged”) - reality with a twist.

TREES: An on-going project to capture the feelings of peace and tranquility in the midst of this crazy frantic world we live in - and photograph the textures and personalities of the botanical world.

STUDIES: Constructed still lifes and macro photography -- natural light, vintage objects, botanicals and French bugs, feathers, plant dyed ribbons…

[analog] COLLAGE: Hand-cut watercolor illustrations, botanicals, architectural sketches, handmade papers, mixed media… on watercolor paper or vintage book cover substrate w/ handmade paper background/border.



(untitled) Gray haired woman in black leaving home, Lourmarin, France 2008  [I've had numerous people say that she looks a lot like me!]

(untitled) Gray haired woman in black leaving home, Lourmarin, France 2008

[I've had numerous people say that she looks a lot like me!]


"The American artist Jill Merriam performs photographic projects that articulate a documentary approach with contemporary aesthetic references. Her work does not aim to pure or distanced observation of a subject, but the mutual dependence between the context and creation. The artist works with a variety of atmospheres; lights and shades are manipulated and generate compositions that refer to nostalgia and romanticism."

(José Roberto Moreira - Curator and Gallerist, Colorida Galeria de Arte in Lisbon, Portugal)

[from a LensCulture portfolio review] ... painterly quality… has lines that are almost brush strokes… painterly quality where the sky looks as though it’s a watercolor… You go in between realism to photos that are altered… There are so many rich textures and colors I feel like I am there. Wonderful job!

[Daniel Caruso, Agency Access] …Loved the Be Still gallery. Absolutely stunning!

[George Bang, comment on an Instagram post] Without the caption I would know that these photos are yours. You have a unique eye for form and color.

[George Bang] I so admire your work. It is so distinctive and individual.

[Jo Stone re: new 'maginings' macros] That's just beautiful. I knew you were doing photography but this is well beyond mere photography.

[Jo Fronfelter] It looks like a painting!

[Saurabh Gupta] They don't look like photographs!

[Dan Winter] Very, very impressive. I love the way you express the scenery in the "Inside Stories" series, and I especially love the Meet Sabine, Et Al series. The pictures are moody, mysterious and captivating.

[Christian Culver] Your work is simply sublime in so many ways.

(Kris Martin) Beautiful, beautiful work!  You are so talented!!!

[Elizabeth Howard] The pictures are beautiful. You have such a wonderful creative eye and capture the moment.

[Kay Adams] As usual -- STUPENDOUS -- as in really, really beautiful -- such grit, such soul, such beauty . . .

[John Mason] I think your two Cuba Crumbling Elegance series are simply wonderful. I have been through them again and again and just love how you have painted the people, the architecture, and the culture with your lens, your eye, and your post processing.

[Denis Kelly] This is beautiful work. I was concerned at first that it was going to be too manipulated and stylized but you struck a balance with fine straight photographs. The details of human integration in society with “crumbling elegance”, high density, vibrant and faded color, life and back ground matter, all spoke eloquently.

[Michael Chinnici] Her creative use of layers, colors and textures sets her work apart. She is a perfect example of a photographer who can turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary image.

[David Gibson] …Looked at some of your work too. Very distinctive style and mostly not reliant on people in the pics which is interesting…but done well.

[Brenda Tharp] You have a very unique processing for your images.

[Ali Mohammed] …you can take something so simple, and make it so beautiful.

[Kay Adams ] The passion you have for your art speaks volumes, Jill. Absolutely beautiful work . . . Your photography is most engaging and beautifully composed!!

[Mythili Rajaraman] It looks like a painting.

[Lorne Resnick] "Jill Magic"

[Artblend] ...your diverse collection of work and eclectic style...Your photography is very unique... I'm drawn to the urban, "in the moment" vibe that I get from your photos.